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Cheap Windows VPS Server

The beginning of new business with Cheap Windows VPS Server Hosting which offered by Onlive Server, the hosting Provider Company offer unique technology VPS Server Hosting plans in multi types, especially for the UK, USA, Germany, Turkey and other countries. By our Server Hosting plans, you can start your Online business. Make heavy crowd on your website by best Server hosting company. If you seem that here you can get affordable VPS Server Hosting plans then, you are going right. Choose our more powerful and dynamite VPS Hosting plans. Come on Onlive Server to take Cheap and best Server Hosting plans. Purchase VPS Hosting plans with both Windows and Linux Operating System installation. Take over on Cheap Windows VPS plan through the Onlive Server’s services.


Go with your Choice-able Website Control Panel On Top

At the least Price, Onlive Server is the paramount Web Server Hosting Provider Company which provide country wise high-class hosting plans at very lowest cost. Get explosive power of Web control panel to get excellent overall control. We have selected Web Cpanel in several kinds: Webmin, ZPanel, MaestroPanel, OpenPanel, ispCP, Domain Technologies Control, Froxlor, Ajenti, Baifox, CPanel, ClusterCS and many more. Would you like to great Control panel on your Server plans? then choose our finest server hosting plans. We will give you proper details with the plan for you to get complete control on overall plan. Obtain also with the Cheap VPS Server plans like: DNS, VPN, Proxy Server IP and Unlimited SSD storage.


High Effectual CMS Installation in Various Kinds:

If you want to obtain excellent CMS installation on your VPS plan as per your choice, so you can get accessible installation on your preferable Server plans through the Onlive’s experts. Here are readily available multi CMS installation options for instance: Python, Java, PHP, Perl and more. We also provide another CMS especially for Microsoft ASP.NET, we are going to give you some information about CMS, for example: Orchard Project, C1 CMS, DNN, mojoPortal, Umbraco, BetterCMS, Kentico CMS and more. We always try to happy our client via excellent hosting server plans. Start Service Booking Now!!!

We are elaborating about the VPS Server Hosting advantages: –

  1. Powerful assist from WHM Support
  2. IP Address in Few Minutes
  3. High KVM Virtualization
  4. Security Guard of SSL & DDoS
  5. Top Rated Hosting Plans
  6. Country wise Data Centre services
  7. Topmost Support through the Onlive’s technical employers
  8. Selected Operating System Installation
  9. CMS installation which preferred by you
  10. Keep your Data ultra-safe in Data Base
  11. Obtain 1 Core & 1 GB RAM
  12. 30 GB HDD & 1000 GB Bandwidth with Plans

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