Australia Dedicated Server

Australia Server Hosting Plans

If you are an Online business owner, you should choose the best Australia Dedicated Server, so that you can get the benefits in the online Business. Now a day, most people prefer to check the website to read about everything related to the company’s products, and services company things offered so almost every business prefers to ensure its presence online. Our Australia Dedicated Server is perfect for any business to reach its targets easily or business goals. We have many exclusive features that help users utilize the server resources smartly. we have our own data center in the Sydney location

About Our Company Plans provide the best and cheap Dedicated Server & VPS Hosting plans with extra bandwidth, Top Scalability, Audit Security, backup plans, and many more. we provide java such as – Crafter CMS, dot CMSEnonic XP, OpenWGA, Magnolia, Ametys CMS, etc, and also give Free SSD to improve your performance, Preferred Choice for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla CMS websites. Our plans include lots of quality features that are the common needs for your business. Don’t worry about your business goals it is right now in safe hands?

Why you get a Australian Based Dedicated Server From Onlive Server:-

  • Australian Data Center, Sydney located
  • Up to 100Mbps bandwidth
  • High-performance Intel server technology
  • Your choice of software deployment
  • High-Performing Applications
  • Traffic load balancing
  • Restore and Backups
  • Better Development Environment
  • Firewall service
  • Traffic Bursting
  • KVM & KVH Virtualization

Our Server Hosting Plans:-

Our Cloud VPS Server Hosting Plans are designed to deliver affordable, powerful, flexible server hosting solutions with maximum network redundancies. Onlive Server offers Cloud Hosting Cheap Plans it provides your business the flexibility, value, and agility it needs for day-to-day operations or large projects. There are many companies that provide Server Hosting solutions. This kind of hosting solution not only provides a stable state but also lets users get DDoS security at very affordable rates. The main objective of these server Hosting is to convey success to different kinds of businesses. The hosting plans are available at very impressive rates. The important thing about these hosting systems is that they are spread among various data centers.

Australia Dedicated Server has a unique set of benefits to provide endless number of the operating system, software, and applications. The customizable server space is another important feature of our Server Hosting Plans that will perfectly suit the needs of users. It also clients select the software and platform that they truly need and also let better control over how the Server Hosting platform is configured.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan – A Necessity for Every Small and Large Business

Any type of business needs both a data backup plan and a disaster recovery plan. Not only is it vital to have the backup information available when required, but it’s also vital to have an action plan to get those backups available within hours and not days. Our Onlive Server provides you with a reliable Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting plans. Which prevent your private data and also keep backup your data. Another big benefit of Australia-based Server hosting is that they provide more flexibility and allow you to customize your environment. On the other servers maybe isn’t possible because it would change everyone else’s setup as well.

24/7 Expert Support:-

Our expert support team is available around-the-clock and committed to giving you the most cutting-edge assistance possible. We are accessible to address any concerns you may have regarding the configuration of your Dedicated Server and make sure it is operating as intended so that you can concentrate on what really matters—your business.

Please feel free to get in touch with us whenever you have any questions about your existing setup. In the event that a problem arises, our team will be pleased to help!


Australia Dedicated server is the best type of server for you to use if you want to run a website or other kind of application that requires a lot of resources. This is because dedicated servers are designed to be used by large companies and organizations that need the best possible performance from their servers.

Dedicated servers have an impressive networking/connectivity feature set. You can access advanced features such as VPN, Firewall, Anti-DDoS protection, and more.

With a Cheap Dedicated Server, you can ensure your data will be safe from hackers and other threats. It is because dedicated servers usually come with built-in security features like Firewall and Anti-DDoS protection designed to protect your data from being hacked or compromised by viruses or bugs that could potentially steal sensitive information like credit card numbers or passwords.


Australia Server Hosting is the best host you can ever get. It offers outstanding features, including a 100% uptime guarantee, free server migration, email account creation, and unrestricted bandwidth. We are striving hard to provide top-quality services at affordable prices. Every sector (small or large) could utilize this facility smartly to serve their business goals quickly and efficiently.