Select Our Dedicated Server Hosting To Achieve Business Objectives

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting

The objectives of the Onlive Infotech Company We are the nationwide Web Server Hosting Provider. Our company provides the number of specifications that make the Web Server hosting Plan. Simultaneously, we provide VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers for all buyers. Our Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting provides extra server support for optimize website efficiency. We are going to fully aware you for these features and benefits. Hereby, you can start greatest dedicated setup at your professional work-related website.


Dedicated Server Hosting with High-grade Specific Services:

  1. SSL SafeGuard Certificate
  2. Best Dedicated Setup in Minimum time
  3. Secure Up to Business level by DDOS
  4. High-grade Speed
  5. Free & Preinstalled Plesk Website Control Panel
  6. Highest Power of Connectivity
  7. Large size of SSD storage
  8. Efficient KVM Virtualization
  9. Full Root Access with Package
  10. Both Manage Option: Manageable & Customizable

Get the Utmost-grade Data Centre Services with Plan-

We have the International-based Data Centre which provides great services to the high extent, such as:

  1. Instant Data Recovery in any Situation
  2. Data Base: – Keep your all website data information safe and truthful
  3. Perfect level Accessibility
  4. Increase your business performance day by day
  5. Best chance of getting the CMS installation appropriately
  6. Highest website Growth
  7. Stronger WHM Support
  8. Get Detection Service at any time
  9. Modern IP Address
  10. Guaranteed on heavy time scale

Go For take Operating System based Hosting solution

  • Windows
  • Linux

Important Task of our Dedicated Server

We use the same technology that applies to Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting. Here you can apply digital ideas to your online-based projects. The most essential task of a dedicated plan that is top speed and performance. With the assist of our server Speed and Performance, you can run faster at the website Industry. All dedicated packages gives maximum support to the next level. If you are interested, you can choose our cheapest and best dedicated server hosting plans to a higher extent for the website projects. We use highly certified features while making the best dedicated services according to your professional wishes.

Many Customers are Happy With Our Services

The perfect hosting providers offer fully satisfied web services to business owners, whereby the customer gets highly satisfied Dedicated Server Hosting services from our Onlive Infotech Company. We are old in the web industry, have rich experience. We provide best solutions to meet the specific needs of the online business-related projects. If you want to see where your server is located, you can get the server map here. With the help of a server map you can get the best ranking of the website. You get high-quality technical support and monitoring with the best dedicated servers. We will help you in achieve your business targets with the best Dedicated Hosting services.