Russia VPS Server Hosting

There are basically three types of server hosting solutions available in the market. They are shared server hosting, dedicated server hosting and virtual private server hosting. Amongst all the three server hosting options, Russia VPS hosting has gained huge popularity mainly because it offers something more than shared server hosting and the same features like dedicated server hosting but within a range that can easily be afforded by the users. If you go for the virtual private server of Onlive Server, you will be paying just $21 for the service. Isn’t that cool enough? If you are running an online business then it is essential to host a website by making use of our Russia VPS Server Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting Plans that are provided by Onlive Server is best at offering high-quality solutions for the customers in reasonable rate. When compared with another hosting server, our VPS server is highly reasonable without compromise in quality of the work. Our Backup system provides easy-to-use file level backups, snapshot backups, and image-level backups for your web server. You can visit our website to know in-depth about the hosting plans for your business progress.

Deploy Your Cheap VPS Server Hosting in Russia

Name OS CoreRAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP DC Location Monthly Price
Russia VPS Custom 11 GB30 GB SSDUnlimited1Moscow, Russia$15.00₹1228€13.74
Russia VPS X 11 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1Moscow, Russia$15.00₹1228€13.74
Russia VPS Y 22 GB60 GB SSD2 TB1Moscow, Russia$27.00₹2210€24.74
Russia VPS Z 44 GB120 GB SSD4 TB1Moscow, Russia$51.00₹4175€46.72

Why Our Russia VPS Server Hosting

A virtual private server or VPS run on its own OS & our customer have access to the superuser-level OS such as Windows, Linux, Unix etc. Due to this reason, they can install any software which operates on this OS and one of the most important reason is that we are providing perfect installation of Web Hosting Control Panels and also Cpanel/WHM Support. Our VPS server is typically equal to that of the dedicated server and it is software-defined so it can be easily configured and created. Our VPS hosting service is comparatively lower compared to that of the physical server. Onlive Server based VPS provide businesses, developers, and designers with more speed, stability and power to successfully operate their services and applications with free technical support and provide Fully managed servers.

Russia VPS Hosting

Importance Of VPS Server For Business

If your business needs high traffic towards your website then the developer tends to run numerous applications needs instant scalability or designer who wishes to provide their customers with optimal performance in the website. Our firewall protection offers a comprehensive and intuitive solution to make your server highly safe. You can include firewall rules for both inbound and outbound connections thus making the firewall protection to be bidirectional. Besides that, our bandwidth usage aids you to easily understand how much data flows through your network. You can also have easy access to graphical and statistical information and investigate further about the bandwidth usage.

Look at some queries related to the use of VPS servers along with their answers below:

1. Can I order administration control panel for my virtual private server?

Sure! Majority of the hosting providers offer administration panels for virtual private servers. These include WHM or cPanel, Plesk with varied versions and feature packs available and Webmin. You can carry out an extensive research on the different administration panels and even compare them individually. This will help you in coming up with an informed decision.

2. Is individual software assistance available with my virtual private server hosting account?

Yes, the hosting providers have technical experts adept at supporting the customers with their individual software problems such as installation of special scripts and software and database administration. Such remote hand services come from the best IT professionals and are generally affordable.

3. Can I administrate or manage my own virtual private server?

Yes, you can manage or administrate your own virtual private server as there are managed server upgrades available from the providers. Such upgrades transform root servers into managed servers. Technicians are available to take good care of upgrades and security along with the stability of the servers. Moreover, the users can make effective use of extended customer assistance as and when required.