Onlive Server a leading Server Hosting Company also offer Domain Registration facilities at very affordable and cheapest price. Basically, there are two major types of Top Level Domains. First one is “generic” TLDs and the other one is “gTLDs” that are most common TLDs are (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ws) and the second ones which are country-specific (ccTLD) like (.in, .uk, .tk, .ml,). If you want to launch your website and increase your business growth then first of all you need to book a domain (URL) name. This domain name should be unique and similar to your business that denote your business category. The better technique to use a business keywords in domain name. That will be help to increase search engine ranking. You may choose any of the extension from here.

Cheap Domain Registration
Cheap Domain Registration

The real estate that website owners own online is called a domain name. Just like a physical land requires registration, the land you own online also requires registration and thus the procedure called domain registration. Domain name registration offers temporary ownership of the online real estate. It allows the registrants to create websites on the property and even offer services like email and FTP for public, commercial and personal use. Onlive Server is the name that you can trust when it comes to availing domain name registration services. Some questions regarding such services have been enumerated below:

1. What is included in domain name registration?

Domain name registration offers registrants the right to their domain names for the time period for which their lease the domain registration. This is usually a time span between one and ten years. Domain name registration helps users in setting the contact details for their domains change their name server delegation and even add the glue records. There are no other services included.

2. Is DND solution required for domain name registration?

Yes, almost all the domain names need DNS service in order to function in the right way. In the absence of DNS, it will not be possible for any use to reach the email server or the site using its domain name.

3. What is DNS?

The full form of DNS is domain name system and it helps the online users in finding their way to a site on the internet. All the computers online have their exclusive IP addresses and these can be a little complicated to keep in mind because they come in the form of numbers. The DNS makes it easy for the users to get to sites by permitting familiar letters or domain names to be used in place of the string of numbers.