Netherlands VPS Server Hosting

Netherlands VPS hosting coming from the house of Onlive Server tends to be the best kind of hosting solution available in the market. This is because you get the services and the functionalities of a dedicated server but within the affordable range of $13. Now this is a price that is highly affordable while giving you the scope of using a virtual server that will take the performance and the speed of your site to extraordinary levels. The Netherlands VPS Server Hosting – Cloud VPS Hosting has more reliability, affordability, simplicity, and performance and that have own data center in Amsterdam Location.  We are the trusted service providers who offer an exclusive range of high-quality VPS hosting solutions.

Deploy Your Cheap VPS Server Hosting Plans in Netherlands

Name OS CoreRAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP DC Location Monthly Price
Netherlands VPS Custom 1 1 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1Amsterdam, Netherlands$13.00
Netherlands VPS X 11 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1 Amsterdam, Netherlands$13.00
Netherlands VPS Y 22 GB60 GB SSD2 TB1 Amsterdam, Netherlands$23.00
Netherlands VPS Z 44 GB120 GB SSD4 TB1 Amsterdam, Netherlands$43.00
Netherlands VPS Hosting
Netherlands VPS Hosting

Benefits Netherlands VPS Server Hosting

We help business owners to get access to their service and data anytime. The most impressive thing about our cloud VPS solution is that it comes with self-healing hardware. Once you hire us, you need not worry about the data. It is because of the following reasons.

  • Our VPS systems store your important business files and data securely on various hard drives. If any problem will occur, we will restore your data easily and quickly.
  • In our VPS systems, your business files or other important data is well protected from the hacker’s attacks and malicious software.
  • It is because we build our VPS systems by using a multi-tiered and effective security mechanism
  • Our service brings you a complete freedom to place various things in the Cloud VPS. We have not limited for installation.
  • With this facility, you can install lots of applications and programs when you want.

If you desire to get flexible and efficient hosting services, you can immediately hire Onlive Server. Our company hires a dedicated team of VPS service providers who have the capability to meet your website and business needs properly. We design us every cloud VPS solution precisely to enable us to adjust or change the setting or options to make the business site attractive for the visitors. We help our customers to add lots of storage to their VPS easily and proper installation of CMS for various platform one of them is PHP – ATutor, Backdrop CMS, b2evolution, CMSimple, CMS Made Simple, Coverity, Composr CMS, concrete5, Contao, DokuWiki etc and provide fully managed servers with great technical support without any extra chargers. With our hosting plans, you can enlarge your RAM space or scale the performance of your CPU.

Let us have a look at some important FAQs related to the use of virtual private server hosting.

1. Can a VPS server be used as a gaming server?

Yes, it is always possible to use a VPS server as a gaming server. In fact, hosting providers like Onlive Server are known for offering some of the best packages for Minecraft server hosting operations. Hence, if you are in the look out of expanding your gaming server to a new location, you can always do so by getting in touch with a reliable hosting provider.

2. What about network connection?

Majority of the hosting providers operating in the market boast of fast network connection. The services coming from Onlive Server in this field are literally unmatchable. The company has several 10 Gbps lines at its data centers with more than 2 Tbps peering capacity.

3. Is root access a possibility with a virtual private server?

Yes, root access to a virtual private server is always possible. But here again, you will have to take good care and go for services coming from reliable hosting providers.

4. Are virtual private servers duly monitored by the hosting providers?

Yes, not just virtual private servers but all servers are duly monitored by the hosting providers and that too 24/7. In case there are problems encountered with the servers, the users are notified automatically.