Greece Sever Dedicated Hosting

Onlive Server offers Greece Based Dedicated Server Hosting that is considered as the beneficial way to host your website simply without sharing the server to others. If you are looking for the cheap hosting plans then you can prefer onlive Server which ensures to provide the best services in affordable price. our Dedicated Server available with DDoS protection, Proxy Server IP, DNS, VPN and Unlimited SSD. We have a highly experienced support team and trained web-hosting professionals who have extensive knowledge about server management and setup. A dedicated server is quite a beneficial option for all business websites. Being the Branding company in the server hosting industry, Onlive Server offers you cheap hosting plans without any compromise in quality and security. Our Data-centers built and designed with amazing infrastructure by prioritizing scalability as well as security. Our high-tech data center have encompasses HVAC architecture. The latest and great hardware and cutting-edge network make our data-center unique. These benefits contribute to the 99.99% uptime guarantee. We are committed to provide you top-notch free techniacl support & work hard to make sure that you get the best from us.

Deploy Your Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans In Greece

Processor / Cores / Speed – Greece Servers Location Monthly Action
Greece Dedicated Server Greece Server – DSX1 – Single Intel Xeon X5550 (4 Cores, 2.66 GHz) Greece $199 Greece server hosting
Dedicated Server Greece Greece Server – DSX2 – Dual Intel Xeon X5550 v3 (8 Cores, 2.66 GHz) Greece $249 Greece Dedicated server

Greece Based Dedicated Server Hosting

Our Greece Dedicated Server Hoting services are fully customizable to suit both simple & complex environment. It ensures to provide your website with most advanced performance, availability, and security. Onlive Server is the only server hosting company in Greece which provide benefits of the free control panel such as InterWorx, ISPConfig, ispCP, Kloxo-MR etc and also improved security features built-in & ensure for website optimization as well. You can avail for more control on how your server is configured. You can also add or remove the software, install updates or tweak settings which allow you to easily optimize the web server as per the specific requirement. Dedicated hosting service is quite reasonable so you need not worry about your budget. Our team of support professionals is available 24×7 on chat, email, and phone. We are highly concentrated on hiring the best talent and preparing them according to the latest tools and processes to troubleshoot issues & find resolutions with quick turnaround time.