Thai VPS Server Hosting gives reliable and cost-effective hosting services with speedy online support. Our servers are powered by Onlive Server technology, providing not only top-notch performance but also intelligent management and maintenance of your server. Thai VPS Server Hosting gives you the freedom to host unlimited domains with root access (like a dedicated server) while getting all hosting services included such as Cloudflare CDN, Dedicated IP Address, and SSL Certificate. Install your own scripts, applications, and software, or even make changes to the server settings. There is no limit on the number of resources you can use so you can focus on expanding your business rather than managing it.

Why Thai VPS is needed for any Business?

Getting a Thai VPS server for your hosting needs can never get better than this. With Onlive Server’s superb offers, you can get more from your money when it comes to Thailand VPS Hosting. It is easy, fast and more convenient. Also, you will be able to enjoy greater control over the hosting environment as well. Furthermore, you are free to choose the Ubuntu Linux or Windows operating systems with your Thai VPS server. You will have the ability to install and run scripts and software that host shared web servers or other web servers cannot handle.

Have you tried Thai VPS Hosting yet?

Get the power to customize your VPS – we are powered by Onlive Server technology that allows you to host unlimited domains with root access, getting all hosting services included such as Cloudflare CDN (Platform of Fast Comet), Dedicated IP Address, and SSL Certificate.

Thai VPS Server Hosting offers great features and capabilities and there is high flexibility. When it comes to storage space and server configuration. Here are some of the top reasons you should choose Thai VPS Server Hosting: –

VPS Hosting is Best for Online Gaming Sites

VPS Hosting is the industry’s leading hosting service. VPS Hosting lets you choose a lot of RAM, CPU Power, and Bandwidth to best suit your online gaming sites. Select from our wide range of Linux distribution and control panels including cPanel. All our packages come with full root access. Onlive Server provides Thai VPS server Hosting at great prices. We believe in quality and reliability because it paves the way for customer satisfaction.

Get Guaranteed Performance with Full Support

We understand that every great service requires a solid foundation for infrastructure. We use a high-class distribution of Linux, as well as we have selected the best combination of hardware components possible in order to guarantee complete stability, performance, and security without fail. Our support team will be always there for any issue or question you may have. So you can focus on your business and not worry about any technical aspects.

Offers Flexibility and High Bandwidth

Onlive Server offers reasonable VPS hosting packages with plenty of disk space plus very fast speed. The flexible Thai VPS hosting plans offered at Onlive Server feature a huge 100GB storage space for your website and plenty of speedy bandwidth to ensure that your websites can run as smoothly as possible. Your stay with us is also known for its easy-to-use control panel. So you can make changes to the plans you have purchased anytime you like – regardless of where you are in the world.

VPS Hosting is the First Choice for E-commerce Websites

If you are a beginner to computer application and searching for a trusted web host, Onlive Server is always the first choice of many tech-savvy users. This is due to the fact that when you are planning on running an E-Commerce website or simply just an online store. It is strongly advisable to consider a virtual private server hosting service for E-Commerce websites. When you plan on choosing this service, the Onlive Server package offers the best value at any time.

Provides Top Quality Performance with Minimal Downtime

Thai VPS Server Hosting with unified platforms gives consistent performance and secure online hosting management. With our world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, the migration is seamless and painless. This enables us to deliver top-quality Thai VPS Server Hosting services to you without any downtime.

Provides High Compatibility

As you may already know Thai VPS Server Hosting has become the choice of network administrators and businesses alike. The primary benefit is the raw power that a Thai VPS Server Hosting offers when it comes to running various applications without resulting in connectivity issues. The most valuable feature of Thai VPS Server Hosting is that there is no need to worry about compatibility when using a Thai VPS Server Hosting.

Complete Security with Multiple Levels of Passwords

Our Thailand VPS are tailored and devised for Thai visitors, who demand an efficient and performance-oriented Internet connection. We give you all the required facilities to host your websites on our Thai VPS Servers. Onlive Thai VPS with Windows OS, Control Panel along with leading-edge firewalls and multiple levels of password protection round off this important web hosting service.

Fully Customization

Thai VPS Server Hosting is based on Virtualization Technology. We give you a private IP address and complete administration access to your server. This is a great choice for hosting large websites due to the high reliability, scalability, efficiency, and security of the system.


Your Online presence is your Business. Thai VPS Server Hosting provides a cost-effective, fast, and reliable hosting environment for your websites. With flexibility, scalability, and upgradeability for all your requirements as well as technical support around the clock. We provide you with everything you need to get ahead in the online world. Get Linux Reseller Hosting for your newly created business website from us, this hosting provides the best service in the whole world. We provide you with the best plans at an affordable price, so check out our official website.