Domain Name Registration

A domain is part of the website management technique. It has a vast impact on the website management process along with the webserver. A domain name can provide security and uniqueness to the website. People can know your website by the domain name. By domain name search on the web browser, people around the globe can identify your business website or personal website quickly. The Domain Name Registration process happens between two parties: the domain registrant and the domain registrar. The domain registrant is the individual or company that is the owner of the website. The domain registrar is responsible for doing the domain registration process.

A domain name is a website address that people type on the web browser or UIRL bar to visit a website. The Internet is the giant network that works on the World Wide Web or WWW concept, where each network is connected through a common server controlled by WWW. To identify a computer, each computer is assigned by an IP address that is the computer’s unique identification. But it is tough to remember the IP address for each website; thus, a domain name is the simplest form of identification for the outside user.

When a person enters a domain name search on the web browser, it first sends the request for the individual website to the global network responsible for maintaining the Domain Name System (DNS). This DNS then forwards the request to the name servers associated with the particular domain. Your hosting company manages the name server; your website hosting company then forwards the request to the computer where the particular is s

Country Code Top Level Domain- This domain name service is specific to an individual country. This Domain Name system is used by websites that want to target the audience of a specific country.

Quality of a domain registrar

Domain registrars are the companies that are responsible for managing and registering the domain name for the websites. Domain registrars are affiliated by ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This non-profit international organisation is responsible for managing the domain names of the websites. To check domain availability, the website owner or registrant should visit the registrar’s website to get the details about the domain registration.

What does the domain registrar do?

All domain name record is stored in a centralised database that is called a registry. To recognise a domain name, it is essential to put them in the database. ICANN permits the domain registrar to make essential changes to your website domain name’s information on behalf of you. Domain registrar also provides useful tools and technology to the website owner to make significant changes using your web browser.

Way of choosing the right domain registrar

Not all domain registrars have the license to provide or sell the domain name to the end-users; thus, you should check website domain registration process of your preferred domain registrar before final processing. Domain registrar may offer different types of service along with best domain name provider

Registration period and timing- The initial registration fees may be low, but the renewal price may be higher. The minimum registry period is for one year, and can use the domain name for ten years. Also, check the additional fees for domain transfer and domain renewal. Many dishonest registrars may add hidden charges to on renewal price.

Domain transfer- If you are not satisfied with your current domain registrar service, you can transfer your domain to another registrar. But you have to wait for 60 days after the primary registration process as per ICANN guidelines. But many dishonest registrars charge additional amounts while transferring your domain. To check domain availability of another registrar, follow their website frequently.

Auto-renewal facility- Domain name may have an expiry date. If you forget to renew your domain name before the expiration date, anyone can take over the domain name. Try to choose the domain registrar that provides auto-renewals for the domain name.

Add-on service- Many domain registrars provide add-on the facility such as domain privacy, domain parking, hosting email service, website development, and WordPress hosting, along with domain name registration without extra fees.

How to detect fraud registrar?

After check the website domain registration process, try to check whether ICANN approves the registrar or not because many fake registrars are present in the market that can grab the domain’s tools and technology to do fraud activity. The IP address and password are only known to the domain registrant and domain registrar. Sometimes fake domain registrar hacks your domain IP address, domain name, and tools to controls your website activities without your knowledge. Thus it is vital to identify the fake domain registrar and the original registrar.