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Why Cloud VPS Hosting?

Cloud VPS Hosting
Cloud VPS Hosting

Cheap Cloud server hosting is an environment made up of several servers that are connected together on the internet for delivering pooled computing power and resources. The users on Cloud servers have access to several servers in place of being limited to just one server as was the case with traditional server hosting solutions like shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting. The users on Cloud servers can even scale the servers on demand which is not possible with the other hosting solutions. Cloud server hosting from Onlive Server is the cheapest and comes feature-packed at the same time. So, it is always worth considering. As well all know the selection of a hosting server totally depends upon our business goals. Now, these days Cloud Hosting server is the suitable choice for the e-commerce website and complex applications.

Based on latest & innovative technology, Onlive Server provides Ultra fast, auto-scalable Cloud Hosting Server Platform to host our website with fully customizable plans. It is totally based on innovative cloud computing technology which allows multiple numbers of machines to work on a single platform. Whether you are a start-up or want to develop a small project, our Cloud based VPS Hosting server is the best option for you. It provides you many resources such as High bandwidth, security, RAM, Data storage space and much more for your website growth. Our Cloud Hosting Server gives you a full environment of VPS as well dedicated. You will get each and every facility just like Dedicated & VPS. Cloud Hosting Server is a software/hardware independent unit so there is no fear of server failure in case of any hardware failure. It guarantees us to give the highest level of website performance, many server resources, redundant data storage, free from server failure, flexibility, affordable price, 24/7 technical support team and many generous features.

Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting

For giving high performance to your website we included KVM facility in our Cloud Hosting Server that manages VM address spaces, Input/output flow and maintains your website performance. With full root access, you will get full freedom to modify all the server software according to your business need. It is stable, fast & secure as well hold the best stability and don’t suffer any hardware and software problem. Due to its dedicated resources it is widely used all over the world. With Cloud Server, there is no need to save any data as it automatically saves our server’s data and gives us a disaster recovery solution to us. Apart from services, its affordability make it more demanding as we get all the benefits of dedicated as well VPS at a lower price. We pay only for the resources which we use. Recently we have Cloud hosting Server available in India, South Korea, France, USA, Turkey and UK. In next up coming days you will get Cloud Server Facility in approx 30 plus countries worldwide.

Cloud Hosting Server never fell down so you will get 24/7 maximum network availability and Zero downtime for your Website.

Scalability of resources
If you have a large or small website then you can increase or decrease our hosting resources like computing cores, RAM, Storage Devices as per your business need and pay only for the resources which are used by you.

Safety and security
With Cloud Hosting Servers you will get the safety of your personal data by Firewalls, data backup solution, encryption of data & Dedicated IT support.

In Cloud, you pay only for the resources which are used by you so it gives a cost effective solution to our hosting server.

A few questions related to the use of Cloud servers are as follows:

1. What is Cloud server hosting all about?

Cloud server hosting offers a server hosting environment where the users are not restricted to only a definite set of applications or resources. They have the potential of scaling their servers in the most dynamic manner based on their requirements. Also, they have the potential of increasing their share of server resources according to their demands or requirements.

2. Why go for Cloud server hosting?

High availability, cost-efficiency and scalability are some of the most basic reasons why you must consider Cloud server hosting. Cloud servers can be scaled very easily for meeting one’s demands. Since this is a highly scalable technology, users can carry out upgradations without any major restrictions.

3. How is cost an important factor when considering Cloud server hosting?

Several storage setups and redundant servers in clusters ensure complete uptime guarantee even in times of hardware failures. The cost of the Cloud servers plays an important role here because such server hosting solutions are more affordable than the traditional server hosting services. The users get the flexibility of choosing the amount of web space, memory, bandwidth and CPU they need and thus they can pay as per their requirements.

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