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Cheap VPS server hosting from Onlive Server is the best thing that you can opt for if you want more storage space and bandwidth like a dedicated server but without spending too much. Going for affordable VPS server hosting solutions means you can remain assured of the fact that the performance and the speed of your business site will not be compromised due to the malicious activities and the resource usage of the other sites being hosted on the same physical server which is divided into several virtual units. You will have your guaranteed allocated resources that you can use in your own way for the success of your online business. With Onlive Server get own Cloud VPS Server Hosting Plans at the Cheapest price. Linux VPS – Windows VPS available here for worldwide location. If you are searching Cheapest VPS Server Hosting plans than you are in right place, Onlive Server is a web hosting company, which provides all VPS Hosting plans for more than 30 Countries with fully managed hosting plans. Our VPS Hosting plans gives your business website greater control and power with 100% customer satisfaction.

The VPS Server hosting is one of the most preferable type of hosting, it is highly demanding in hosting industry because it is a cheap in price So, Onlive Server gives a chance to get best VPS Hosting plans for worldwide location. Here you will get unmetered bandwidth, Proxy IP Server, DNS, VPN and proper installation of web hosting Cpanel some of them are- VestaCP, Virtualmin, Virtualmin Pro, Webmin, ZPanel etc. and website cPanels for window based applications such as .Net, ASP etc. Every business website needs the high speed and reliability for handling simple & complex websites. Our cheap hosting plans come with 10x fast network speed connectivity and 99.9% uptime SLA that every business website requires.

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Onlive Server gives an opportunity to an individual to get cloud VPS hosting solutions with aid of Hyper-V technology and based on latest technology. Our VPS Hosting plans come with Linux and Windows Os. Basically, Linux Os – CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and we also use KVM operating system-level virtualization technology. The most important reason behind to choosing our VPS Hosting plans is that KVM VPS comes with cPanel and it is supported by IPv4 & IPv6 Support. It gives the higher level of control, great flexibility as well as high performance and SSD Disk Drives. Here you can store a large amount of data and backup your data if any case disaster lost. Onlive Server has own data-centers in worldwide location. You can run heavy applications and software smoothly. We provide better security to your website so, no anyone can access your data without your permission. We protect your website through DDoS protection, it will increase your security factor.

Basically, we focus on providing guaranteed services like – CMS for Java Open source software, Microsoft ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, Python etc. our VPS server is available at affordable price and there are no any hidden charges. Just be faith in our services and choose our right hosting plans.

Some questions in regards to the use of VPS server hosting solutions are as follows:

1. I want to run a certain application of my choice. Which server hosting option should I go for?

If you are looking to run a certain application of your choice then dedicated server hosting would be the right option for you. However, if you have a limited budget in hand then going for VPS server hosting would be the perfect bet. This kind of server hosting can come as one of the best solutions for businesses in need of customized hosting environments for meeting the requirements of their applications.

2. What are the user flexibilities available with VPS?

Virtual private servers give users the flexibility of installing, rebooting, deleting and carrying out all the varied functionalities in the same way as they would have carried out on their own servers. The users get increased levels of security because the virtual servers available on the single server are completely isolated from the other units.

3. Is VPS perfect for website hosting?

VPS hosting is perfect for website hosting in that the users can easily switch between virtual servers for protecting and maintaining the visibility of their sites online.

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