Onlive Server provide a variety of services that offer businesses and private individuals a chance to make the best use of a server for their exclusive requirements.We are only providing secure servers and also offer Cheap Cloud VPS Server Hosting solutions. The full form of VPS is Virtual Private Server. This kind of server hosting involves a server that is divided into different virtual machines.These machines remain completely independent. Users of such hosting servers get the scope of configuring their virtual machines in a way they prefer. They also get to install whatever operational system or software they like on their virtual servers. Many of the resources actually used by dedicated servers area available with virtual servers as well with the difference being in the costs incurred. You get to use the resources of a dedicated server but at a reduced cost.

Server Hosting Solutions From Onlive Server

Cheap Cloud VPS are available in packages with all customized specifications and related resources. Thanks to Virtual Private Server solutions , customers get the scope of configuring their individual servers for making them sufficiently flexible so that they can completely meet all their varied requirements. Users are also get Germany VPS Hosting solutions to install the kind of operational system or software that they like. They also have the option of dividing the server into several virtual machines. VPS Server Hosting solutions are extremely advantageous for business purpose.

We provide both Linux VPS server hosting and Windows VPS server hosting with single-tenant infrastructure. This gives users complete control on their servers along with high security level. The servers available from the companies have the potential of supporting even the most demanding staff,websites and applications. Users get the flexibility of combining their VPS Servers with private or public cloud for reaching their online objectives.