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Online business is proliferating, and more investors are trying their luck in this field. Most people get attracted by the fact that they can manage the business from their place, have a massive range of customers, and interact with their customers through online platforms. To strengthen your online presence, building a website has importance in every aspect. Every brand should have its website, as it will be easy for the customers who like online purchasing options. You can interact with customers on your website through messages, feedback, or polls, which helps you understand your customer’s opinions regarding your product and services.

If you plan to build a website, you need to remember that a domain name is necessary for your brand to reach more customers. To Book Domain Name online, the business owners should follow the right domain registration website, and Onlive Server is the ablest option. If you have the right plan to choose the domain name in your mind, you can complete the domain name search correctly, and let’s look at how you can find the domain name suitable for your website.

Procedure to domain name search in Onlive Server

For domain name search, you need to keep some of your time aside to find your website development necessary. People think that only when the website development is complete should they look for the domain name, where your approach is wrong as your competitors will move ahead of your thoughts. When you plan to expand your business online, it is good to start by deciding the domain name at the earliest. You can use the brand name or type of your business as keywords to find you a suitable domain name and book them that time itself. If your website is not ready now, you can connect with the service provider when the host website is ready for hosting.

How can you use Onlive Server?

It might be the question arising in your mind, and you don’t have to get confused as the task is simple. We have made the process easy for the users, and even our technical team offers support to the users to clear their queries. So, for you to get started, you need to log in to our official website,, using the credentials at the time of registration. The search box appears when you can type the keyword and select the extension from the category to check the availability of the domain name. If your brand has a common name, it will not be easy to book a domain name online if you search using the standard extension that many business owners like.

When you choose an extension,
  • There is no need for you to stick to the regular extensions like .org, .com, and others. You can try several new extensions that will fit the website requirements; the extension with the short form of the place or type of business can be included if possible. It simply means that when you decide on the domain name, add the best suiting extension to the keyword.
  • The rate you have to pay for registering the domain name varies depending on the extension. Some of the usual extensions may not be available or with higher prices, and you need to choose the affordable choice.
  • For local business owners can get the best combination of the domain name and add the extension related to their place. It will help them grab the attention of potential customers looking for local business in a particular area.

You can look for the domain name after searching the keyword and choosing the extension, and if you find any choices available, you can proceed to payment. Even our site gives you suggestions related to the keyword you used, and you can choose them if they are suitable for your website. You can Book Domain Name Registration Online for your website by completing the payment and retain them by paying the amount every year. We have extensions that rate from low to high, and the user is free to check the availability of the domain name using any of these extensions. Our site offers the best affordable rates for the users, compared to many other domain registration sites.

We offer you the best service

Onlive Server has been the popular domain registration with the rise in trusted clients each time. We offer you the best services to help you to choose the necessary domain name for your website. If you have any inquiries or trouble registering the domain name, you can connect with us anytime through call, email, or message. Our team will analyze your problem at the earliest and develop better solutions for easing your process. So, contact us and get profitable offers for your business.