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Cheap Windows VPS Server:

Whenever a business website is looking for an efficient and best hosting plan than our cheap windows VPS is the only best solution. In a Windows VPS, create some Cheap Windows VPS those are very cost effective for the buyers. All these parts of server or you can say VPS is independent for other. Buyer can buy a separate Window VPS at cheap cost receive all the main features provided by any dedicated server in world. Very attractive feature of Switzerland Cheap Window VPS is that it’s easy to maintain because it uses the operating system of Microsoft. In the comparison of the dedicated window server, Window VPS is cheap and best for the business website owners. Also we provide the best customer care support system which is available 24×7 to provide you the assistance if you face any problem in managing your hosting.

Cheap Windows VPS Server Plans

Windows VPS Server Plans - Onlive Server

Benefits of Cheap Windows VPS Servers:

  • As you buy a Switzerland Cheap Window VPS server from us, you will enjoy the extraordinary features like a dedicated Window Server. High amount of web space and bandwidth are required to run a complex and business website. This server is the ideal when you want to buy a Window VPS in cheap rates with a good web space and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Our Window VPS server is very easy to use. Its interface is entirely user-friendly not only for a technical person but also a nontechnical or novice can use it comfortably. This interface is designed for every one after the research of many years and developed by a very intelligent team of developers. Microsoft has invested a huge amount of money and time to provide the quality in a Window server.
  • As you are using a Cheap Window VPS server, you can find many videos, pdf and tutorials about the server, how to use the Switzerland VPS server and how to mount the websites with a window VPS server. This feature makes it easy to access and easy to use apart from a Linux server.
  • Most attractive feature in Cheap window VPS is that you can transfer your website from any other web server to Window VPS server very easily. Our tech support also helps you if you don’t know how to transfer your business website from another server to our VPS server. They provide you full support in this regards.
  • In a Cheap Windows VPS, you can ask for extra hardware features if you want. You can increase your RAM to boost your website speed that is now an essential aspect in the field of SEO. You can choose the location of the Switzerland server for your website according to your websites business location and audience customers that make an instant boost in the ranking of your website. In spite of all these features you can buy a dedicated IP at very minimum cost from company for your website that makes your single website different from others.
  • Many software and scripts are only commutable with Windows VPS Server, If you buy a cheap window VPS, you can take the benefit of Window environment to run such kind of scripts in your website.

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